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Experience Designer, Strategist

Supported product launch as experience design strategist and research, with a focus on customer experience and feedback.

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2021 - 2023

Experience Designer, Strategist, Design Researcher

Ford Next

Experience Design, Strategy, Marketing, Customer Care, Operations, Research

Designed services for new business venture (Ford Drive), maintaining consistent customer and brand experience.

Collaborated with stakeholders (Brand, Marketing, Customer Care, Engineering, Business Operations, etc.) for a successful product launch and improved operational processes post-launch.


Facilitated customer feedback collection (NPS), developed research plans, and delivered research reports to inform product roadmaps.


Created frameworks for understanding customer experiences, touchpoints, and business models, as well as end-to-end user journey map and to identify opportunities for business growth. 


Developed & executed marketing customer retention plan, including copywriting, distribution, and monitoring feedback.

How might we . . .

empower ride-hail drivers to level-up their business by delivering smart information, a sense of community, and access to sustainable driving without the hassle of ownership?


Ridehail, Gig Driver Painpoints
  • Lack of information about the true costs in their business

  • Drivers must 'go it alone' with limited support from TNC's

  • Suboptimal, high cost of an approved vehicle makes it difficult for some to participate

  • Rising gas prices and cost of ownership

  • Stigma of being a ride-hail driver

Ford Needs
  • Increased demand and usage of EVs

  • Improved perception and appetite for EVs

  • Explore new business models and opportunities in the mobility space

Uber, TNC Provider Needs
  • Increased EV drivers in fleet of ridehail drivers

  • Improved popularity with customer base

  • Partners in the automotive space

Key Activities & Iterations

  • Service Design Blueprinting

  • Journey Mapping

  • Body storming

Results & Impact

The business successfully launched, and has since grown to serve 2 other major cities in California. 

Additional research identified opportunities for the business to grown and develop a roadmap of increased product offerings. Presenting those findings in December 2022 led to the development and offering of the following: 

- a customized app for FordDrive customers to manage their lease, launched October 23rd, 2023

- leases including insurance, launched December 6th, 2023

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