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Ford Experience Design

Senior Experience Design Strategist

Provide vision and strategy to design team on new customer experiences and touchpoints across the whole Ford brand. 






2023 - Current

Experience Design Strategist

Ford Experience Design

Experience Design, Strategy, Marketing, Customer Care, Operations, Research

Ford Motor Company

Ford is one of the oldest names in the automotive industry. We're in the midst of the biggest change the automotive industry has ever seen. Just as cars changed the world over the last century, new technologies such as self-driving cars, electric powertrains, and connected vehicles will radically reshape how we live, work, and play in the next hundred years. Every day, Ford's vehicles, and services support millions of people around the world. We craft every touchpoint our customers encounter, designing people and society's needs into the heart of our next generation of out-of-vehicle products, services, and experiences.

Key Activities

Workshop Facilitation

End-to-End Journey Mapping


Stakeholder Management


Strategy Development





Prototypes & Mock Ups

Systems We Work With

Brand -  What does Ford and it's vehicles mean to customers?

Marketing -  What messaging are customers receiving or experiencing already? 

Accessories -  What experiences can best showcase vehicle accessories / capabilities? 

Merchandise - What business goals can be influenced by great experiences? 

IT - What information can help improve our customer's experience? 

CX - How does 

Field Ops - What do dealerships need and how do they represent Ford? 


Led design strategy for innovative retail experiences at Ford Dealerships, aligning design initiatives with overarching strategic goals.

Collaborated with diverse stakeholders (Brand, Marketing, Accessories, Merchandise, IT, CX, Field Ops, etc.) to discern implications, devise trial strategies, and execute trials to enhance sales and customer loyalty.  


Built and launched trial experiences in dealerships for live testing, created dealership playbooks, and led training for dealership staff. 


Utilized insights and data to formulate recommendations that progress design development, improve complex operations, and begin defining product strategy.


Championed discussions with senior executives & stakeholders across the company to guide the team, overcome challenges, and drive meaningful progress in intricate projects. 


Developed the inaugural customer journey map for new vehicle services, strategically designed to amplify awareness, facilitate trials, drive sales, and sustain customer retention throughout the product lifecycle.

Curious? Ask me about: 

In dealership trials

Research & testing strategies

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