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Word on the Street

A new sport that can be played asynchronously, competitively and collaboratively. Every street becomes the playing field, every time of day is the start time, and every age can play at their own pace.






UX/UI, Health & Wellness, Game Design

Prioritizing Health in 2020

The world shut down in 2020 to protect everyone’s health and prevent the spread of the virus. Trying to stay healthy from COVID 19 brought its own health challenges.

Physical Health

Traditional ways stay active and healthy while gyms, fields, and arenas were closed

Mental Health

Increased isolation and depression from self isolation, quarantine, and social distancing

How can we reimagine sports as an interactive platform to encourage an active lifestyle, competition, and creativity, in unprecedented health, societal, and economic constraints? 

WotsRunning1 copy.jpg
Introducing a new street sport where players to spell out words by walking or running letters with their paths. This sport encourages players to discover new words, sites, and routes as they try and navigate each letter within local, distant, urban, and rural landscapes.

Wherever you are and wherever you go, you can help spread the word.

In your neighborhood

Or downtown

Any time of day

Wherever you go

Rules to Play

Select your challenge and start tracking your walk or run with your smart phone’s GPS.

Plan Your Path

Plan your route to try and match the letter form. Each letter will depend on the paths and streets around you.

Sample walkable paths for this challenge

Trim Your Route

After each walk, trim your path. You can eliminate extra lines, but also add features for extra skill points.

Sample features to add style in your path

With & Against Others

Rank other players skill to finalize points. You'll see scores from those in your crew and around the globe.



The app will measure variations on your route compared to the suggested letterforms of capital and lowercase letters.


Different letters are awarded more points based on their complexity and if players include details in the letter forms.


The mileage covered in your route is multiplied to the other scores.

Socially Distant Exploring & Tourism

By hosting Word on the Street Championships, guests can travel within geographical regions to complete challenges.

Walking and discovering new parts of town will bring foot traffic to store fronts and restaurants for those who want to wander.

As users explore new paths, they are able to drop tags in areas of interest, from architecture and landscaping, to street art.

Want to know how to play? See how here!

Introducing Word on the Street

Introducing Word on the Street

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Body Tracking Explorations

Initial studies were done at home using Radical AI to activate users to earn points and compete against others.
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