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Kidspace Children's Museum



Case Study, Sponsored Project, Prototyping, Social Impact, User Testing, Systems Design, Product & Exhibit Design

In a world overly saturated with tech and sensory stimulation, how can we introduce a new experience that focuses on nature and open-ended, kid driven play?

Kidspace Children's Museum Mission: To nurture the potential of all children through kid-driven experiences, inspiring them to become joyful, active learners.

Stakeholder Needs
  • Unique Experiences

    • The exhibit currently available for ages 1-4 is standard and easily replicated, it does not align with the mission of the Kidspace Children's Museum

  • No Loose Parts

    • Finding a balance between open ended play and loose parts, which can often become missing over time without constant supervision

  • Teachable Moments

    • Parents are easily driven to engage in play when they can have new, unique teaching moments with their child

  • Cause & Effect

    • Younger age groups are happily engaged repeating the same activity, older ages require more advanced, educational programming

SENS:ATION : a sensory play exhibit for children’s museums and their larger communities, Pop-Up Play experiences, for educators to reach children who aren't able to visit the museum in person.

Next Steps

At the end of 14 weeks, our proposal was presented to the Kidspace team. Project is ready to move forward pending grant funding, testing, and approval.

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