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Google DesignStorm



Sponsored Project, Multidisciplinary Teams, Design Methods

Provided sponsor with new perspectives and innovative solutions to explore further in their design teams. Selected to participate in a collaborative, immersive workshop sponsored by Google.

During my time at ArtCenter, I was selected to participate in a DesignStorm sponsored by Google. In this three-day, collaborative workshop, I worked as part of a transdisciplinary team with to apply our new design methodologies and blue sky solutions to current corporate challenges.

For our project to be a success, our team establish a shared vision from the beginning. Teammates represented Graphic Design, Illustration, Interaction Design, and Industrial Design students which allowed us to combine our different creative processes for a holistic solution. We all incorporated new collaboration tools and techniques as our team was spread across California and Canada. 

Throughout the three days, we met with top-tier Google designers alongside ArtCenter faculty to receive valuable critiques and guidance throughout the project. This collaboration offered me an opportunity to experience a professional design studio setting, helped me hone my presentation skills, and reinforce my ability to work well with others.

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