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Global Experience Design

Senior Experience Design Strategist

2023 - Current

Experience Design Strategy, Stakeholder Management, Prototyping, Research

Led strategy for new Retail experiences for Ford Dealerships. Directed team to align design with strategic goals. Engaged with various stakeholders (Brand, Marketing, Accessories, Merchandise, IT, CX, Field Ops, etc.) to understand implications, develop trial strategies, and metrics to measure customer experience. Developed and implemented strategy for trials to generate data-driven and qualitative insights to enhance sales and customer loyalty.

Delivered completed design, strategy, and presentation for global executives & dealership owners to walk through prototype experiences within 3 months. Built and launched trial experiences in dealership for live customer and sales associate testing and feedback. Created dealership playbooks and led training to support dealership staff.

Worked with insights & data to present recommendations that can drive revenue for Ford & dealerships (in progress through Q4).

With over 3,000 dealership locations around the US, the experiences customers have during their sales process.

The Global Experience Design team looks for opportunities to improve the way customers interact with the Ford brand outside of the vehicle.

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