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Ford Drive

Experience Design Strategist


Experience Design, Strategy, Marketing, Customer Care, Operations, Research

Designed services with user-facing and back-end touch points for new business venture (FordDrive). Increased the speed of delivery while maintaining consistent customer and brand experience and improving the quality of service. Collaborated with stakeholders (Brand, Marketing, Customer Care, Engineering, Business Operations, etc.) on customer experience and brand experience for successful product launch. Improved the process 90-days post launch to incorporate learnings and strive for strategic foresight with desirability, feasibility, viability, and longevity.

Facilitated customer feedback collection, including NPS, as a part of product launch. Developed research plan for existing business and new products based on cross-functional partners. Led recruitment, developed research approaches, and prepared materials for primary, customer research interviews.

Delivered research report to inform product roadmaps and marry expectations (desirability) with associate needs (feasibility) with business needs (viability).

Created frameworks to understand customer experiences, touch points, and business models. Created end-to-end user journey map and to identify opportunities for business growth. Developed & executed marketing customer retention plan, including copywriting, distribution, and monitoring feedback.

How might we . . .

Key Activities

  • Service Design Blueprinting

  • Journey Mapping

  • Body storming


Ridehail, Gig Driver Needs
  • Lack of information about the true costs in their business

  • Drivers must 'go it alone' with limited support from TNC's

  • Suboptimal, high cost of an approved vehicle makes it difficult for some to participate

  • Rising gas prices and cost of ownership

  • Stigma of being a ride-hail driver

Uber, TNC Provider Needs
  • Increased EV drivers in fleet of ridehail drivers

  • Improved popularity with customer base

  • Partners in the automotive space

User Testing & Iterations

Results & Impact

Empowering ride-hail drivers to level-up their business by delivering smart information, a sense of community, and access to sustainable driving without the hassle of ownership.

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