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OX Cobotics

Robotic system designed to navigate autonomously and increase the potential of residential movers and decrease the physical risks of loading moving trucks, for 2030.




Designer ​


Product Design, Robotics, AI, Strategy, Systems Design, Future Studies

Collaboration & Robotics

The most effective way to to integrate AI & robotics in the workplace is having workers and robots work together, not replacing workers.

2030: Fluctuations in job and housing markets will promote growth in moving services and technology markets

32 million

Americans relocated in 2018

US Census Bureau 


moving services market is residential moves

22 %

of industry revenue is spent on labor costs


One of the largest obstacles is stairs.

Various mechanical approaches to climbing stairs and 

Movers are most effective in loading/unloading trucks. 

Reusable bins are stronger and more sustainable that cardboard boxes. 

How can technology be integrated in the moving industry to reduce costs & increase efficiency?

OX Smart Dolly and Tracking Bin System for the Movers of 2030

Autonomously stacks up to 3 bins, each 100 lbs max load

RFID Tracks as bins they are stacked and relocated

Self Stacking​

Sturdy Stair Climbing

Tweel steering system to navigate stairs

Straps to maintain balance as it descends

Stair Securing Straps

Ultrasonic Sensors for Navigation

Directional & Motion Indicators

Integrated Suspension Tweels

Smart Dolly

Tracking Bin

Passive RFID Tracking inventory through smart phone

Reusable, eco-friendly bins

Digital inventory tracking helps with unpacking


How it Works

The OX System helps streamline the moving process for residents and movers

Benefits for Movers

Moving companies who adopt the OX system are able to 

Fewer crew members per job
Manage more jobs at once
Save on reimbursement & disability payments

Growth Strategy

Expanding capabilities from residential to
CORPORATE MOVES will allow for an additional 18% of customer market

Develop Smart Bin RFID & Inventory Tracking App

Launch Smart Bin & App for Residential Moves

Partner with Local Moving Companies

Expand for Corporate Movers

Develop Smart Dolly Robotic Technology, Sensors and Team

Dolly Prototype and User Testing with Movers

Kick Off Smart Dolly Manufacturing for Production & Testing

Launch Training and Beta programs for Regional Movers

Kick Off Smart Dolly 2.0 with Increased Dexterity

OX Cobotics Launch with Major Moving Companies


Multiple Futures

Identifying an opportunity that is important and likely in various futures can be achieved by carefully studying trends and technologies today.​



Increasing demand for on demand services (eg. Amazon Prime, Instacart)


Increasing unpredictabiligy in job market as automation develops and jobs change


Increasing number of IoT connected devices. Screen reader support enabled


Increased tension between tech companies and government regarding data privacy and control


Increased sensitivity to material selection and recycling

Robotics / Automation

Increased dexterity and delicate capability

Implication Wheels

Future Scenarios


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