Dexter is a personal information management assistant, powered by smart metadata, to help curate your knowledge. 






UX/UI, Information

Image by Brina Blum


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A personal information management assistant, here to help curate your knowledge.

Dexter becomes your personal file database using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to add smart metadata to your files. 

OCR recognizes Coded Markings
Sources identified through computer vision
Advanced filtering and tracking
Automation opportunities for observing trends
Personalized workspaces for separating topics
Even when you're not at your desk at work, quickly help a coworker by searching from your phone.
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Sync to other research sources for saving links and sources

Reference digital files from any device, leave paper copies behind

Shareable information that can be personalized just for you

User Flow

In order to compete in such a competitive market, I optimized the required interactions in order to provide efficient user adoption. 

Current best practices and workflows require multiple tools that vary in their cost and capabilities.

By using dexter, the user only has to navigate one tool. Dexter can establish a mutually beneficial relationship with other productivity tools by empowering customers with information management. 

Cost & Revenue

Dexter will launch as a freemium product and have two options for users to buy upgrades, 1) software licenses and 2) digital storage and access.


Net Profit ($)

Develop dexter

Build team

Beta mobile

Launch February

Create online classes

More classes

Lecture and seminar speakers

Begin spreading word on campuses

Add functionality


Tagging analytics

Expand to corporate and education campuses for courses and training


Many different iterations and ideations of how to deliver a new and effective software tool that can help users in the crowded market place.