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Classic Collaboration

Illustrations and surface designs based on the traditional labor scenes of 2020. 




Designer ​


Surface Design

Toile patterns originate from France as a fabric pattern depicting pastoral scenes of the countryside, shepherds and milkmaids, trees and flowers, beauty and tranquility. 

Modern toile patterns show a greater variety of scenes, primarily in blue, black, or red print. 

Image by Biegun Wschodni
Work, in 18th Century France
Image by Adolfo Félix
Work, in 21st Century companies

While agriculture is still important, there are other daily jobs that are considered standard in our day. The vignettes selected demonstrate the various steps involved in product development and in collaboration to solve design problems today.

Blue Toile Motif


Tea Towel

After work changed in 2020, working from home redefined how we interacted with our colleagues. 

The coordinating tea towel design represents new work portraits. 

Working from Home Images

Stripe & Ditsy

Other coordinate patterns that reflect email habits and everyday inspiration. 

Email Stripe
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